Keynote Speakers


Christopher Brogan – Chairman, AssureNet Inc.


Chris was the founder and President of FleetRisk Advisors. Prior to FleetRisk, he founded telematics pioneer Safety Intelligence Systems funded by ISO, the leading provider of insurance data, with the goal of developing the first vehicle crash data repository. Chris and the AssureNet team are well known within the transportation and insurance industries for delivering insurance and telematics-driven services that reduce the frequency and severity of loss. In addition to pioneering work in ‘black-box’ technology at Safety Intelligence Systems, where they developed the first Video Event Data Recorders and successfully completed the Drive Atlanta program with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Georgia Tech, they founded FleetRisk Advisors– the leading predictive analytics telematics company – and developed TRAC,Transportation Risk Analytics Center. TRAC was licensed by Qualcomm and marketed as Qualcomm’s Predictive Performance System, a proven life-saver,keeping fatigued and impaired drivers off our highways, and increasing fleet and underwriting profitability. FleetRisk Advisors was acquired by Qualcomm. Chris served as a Naval Aviator for eight years, received a B.S.E.E. from Manhattan College and attended Columbia University’s EMBA Program.

2015 – Dan Rosenbaum

“Approaching Singularity”

2014 – Joe Salvo

“The Internet of Things”

2013 – Frank O’Brien

“Roving on Mars”

2012 – Jeff Gomez


2011 – Larry O’Gorman

“Tales in Multimedia Security – From Digital Libraries to Biometrics to Telepresence”

2010 Richard Stallman

“Free Software, Free Society”

2009 Dr. Alain Kornhauser

“The Robotic Car of the Future”

2008 David Perry

“Identity Theft”

2007 Sol Libes (Banquet Speaker)

“Computer Hobbyist: The Origin of the Species“

2006 Dr. Gregory Olsen, Ph.D.

“Experiences of the third private citizen to orbit the earth”

2005 Dr. Brian Kernighan

“Computers: What Matters, and Why”

2004 Dr. Rebecca Mercuri

“Computers, Public Policy and You”

2003 Marge and Bruce Brown

“Wireless Networking, Realities and Promises”

2002 Ari Kaplan

“How Wireless Will Revolutionize Lives”

2001 Emmanuel Goldstein

“Hacking and Computer Security”

2000 Jeff Waldhuter

“ADSL – High Speed Digital Connections for the Home and Business”

2000 Bill Dyszel (Banquet Speaker)

“Being a Dummy the Smart Way”

1999-1979 Speakers