TCF 2006

The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation
Paper & PowerPoint Slides*
Frank O’Brien

Public Policy Update: Clarifying The Federal Role In Ensuring Cybersecurity
Danielle Mihram, Ph. D. & G. Arthur Mihram, Ph. D.

VoIP For Dunnies
Joe Budelis

Will Your Next Computer Be an HDTV?
Alfred Poor

Exploring Digital Video
Lisa Rysinger

Alternating Pictures in “pseudo-realtime” Using Windows SDK
Ray Pla

Great Photos Printing, through Color Management
Thomas G. Brown

Neural Network Stock Trading Systems
Donn S. Fishbein

Global Positioning Systems *
Cass R. Lewart

Introduction to C++
Michael P. Redlich

C++ Advanced Features
Michael P. Redlich

Introduction to Java
Michael P. Redlich

Java Advanced Features
Michael P. Redlich

* A Powerpoint presentation – requires a powerpoint viewer to view
(a free download from the Microsoft website)