2000 Jeff Waldhuter and Bill Dyszel (Banquet Speaker)

2000 Jeff Waldhuter

“ADSL – High Speed Digital Connections for the Home and Business”

Director of Bell Atlantic (Verizon) Network Services Strategy

2000 Bill Dyszel (Banquet Speaker)

“Being a Dummy the Smart Way”

Author of Microsoft Outlook for Dummies and nine other books


Bill Dyszel, an author, speaker, singer and compulsive instant movie maker just completed five films for the 48-Hour Film Project in five entirely different cities in only 72 days. Four of those films earned places in the “Best Of” screenings for their respective cities. Bill is now the most frequent contestant in the 48-Hour Film Project, with a total of 11 appearances in 7 different cities. He plans to keep doing this until he gets it right, which probably won’t happen any time soon. In the meantime he just finished writing “Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Dummies” and gave several speeches for ASAE (the American Society of Association Executives). Now he needs a nap.