TCF 2010

Whispering Around the World
Joe Taylor, K1JT

Comparison of Internet Access Options
Joe Budelis

Using Digital Cameras
Sumant C Mehta

Agile Methods: Fact or Fiction
Matt Ganis

Why You Simply Must Time The Market
Donn S. Fishbein

Open Source Systems Applications
Christopher Peckham & Miguel Rodriguez

The Business Value of Open Source Software
Arthur Taylor & Michael Colonel
All About HDTV – 2010*
Cass R. Lewart

TCF@35 & The Future of Computing
Allen Katz

Career Planning for Technical Professionals
Ernest Schirmer

Allen Katz

An Introduction to Firefox Features & Customization
David McRitchie

Mid-Atlantic Computing History
Evan Koblentz & Bill Degnan

Square Pegs/Round Holes: Toolset Strengths & Weaknesses
Robert Gezelter

IT and Ethics: Guidance for Professionals
Robert Gezelter

Disposable Virtual Machines
Robert Gezelter

* A Powerpoint presentation – requires a powerpoint viewer to view
(Free download at the Microsoft website)