Jeff Gomez


Jeff Gomez
President & CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment
5 Union Square West, 4th floor
New York, NY 10003 USA



Jeff Gomez is the world’s leading producer of transmedia entertainment properties. As CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, a New York-based digital production company, Jeff transforms intellectual properties into global franchises that reach young people as blockbuster films, television series, Triple-A videogames, comic books, novels, theater plays and popular music. He also extends niche properties such as toys, animation or videogame titles across multiple platforms, which in turn generate multiple revenue streams for Starlight Runner’s partners and clients.

Jeff has worked on such blockbuster universes as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron Legacy and Fairies, Microsoft’s Halo, James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory. Jeff has also delivered his seminar, Creating Blockbuster Worlds: Developing Highly Successful Transmedia Franchises, to the MIT Futures of Entertainment Conference, Game Developers Conference, Kidscreen Summit, O’Reilly Tools of Change, the New York State Bar Association and the Producers Guild of America. He spoke at the TEDx conference in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2010, and is a consultant to national and international government and non-government organizations.

A Latino raised in the projects of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Jeff has always championed the rights of young people to realize their goals and live free of bullying and oppression. He has delivered his Never Surrender: The Kids Guide to Winning at Life seminars to over 200,000 young people, parents and teachers around the world. Jeff is a board member of the Producers Guild of America East, and sits on the advisory board of the PGA New Media Council. Jeff and Starlight Runner have recently been featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Variety, Publishers Weekly and The Wall Street Journal.

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Starlight Runner Entertainment

Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc. is a New York-based digital production company responsible for the development and production of highly successful transmedia franchises. The company maximizes the value of intellectual properties by preparing them for extension across multiple media platforms. Starlight Runner produces animated and live-action feature films, as well as advanced media content. The company also packages books, comics and graphic novels, and develops video games with world-renowned partners and clients.
Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gomez and Executive Vice Present Mark S. Pensavalle founded Starlight Runner in 2000 with investment financing from Los Angeles-based Arcturus Capital. The company’s clients include Coca-Cola, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, Viacom, Sony Entertainment, Showtime, Mattel, Hasbro, and Scholastic.